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Upgrading from 10 to 11.2 gives you 1.4 years worth of fixes (6 of them)

Configuration changes:

Removed config parameters:

Config parameter: Default value:
replacement_sort_tuples 150000

Added config parameters:

Config parameter: Default value:
data_directory_mode 0700
data_sync_retry off
enable_parallel_append on
enable_parallel_hash on
enable_partition_pruning on
enable_partitionwise_aggregate off
enable_partitionwise_join off
jit off
jit_above_cost 100000
jit_debugging_support off
jit_dump_bitcode off
jit_expressions on
jit_inline_above_cost 500000
jit_optimize_above_cost 500000
jit_profiling_support off
jit_provider llvmjit
jit_tuple_deforming on
max_parallel_maintenance_workers 2
parallel_leader_participation on
ssl_passphrase_command_supports_reload off
vacuum_cleanup_index_scale_factor 0.1

Config parameters with changed default value:

Config parameter: Default value in Pg 10: Default value in Pg 11.2:
wal_segment_size 2048 16777216

List of changes: