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Upgrading from 13.5 to 14.1 gives you 232 fixes

Configuration changes:

Removed config parameters:

Config parameter: Default value:
operator_precedence_warning off
vacuum_cleanup_index_scale_factor 0.1

Added config parameters:

Config parameter: Default value:
client_connection_check_interval 0
compute_query_id auto
debug_discard_caches 0
default_toast_compression pglz
enable_async_append on
enable_memoize on
huge_page_size 0
idle_session_timeout 0
in_hot_standby off
log_recovery_conflict_waits off
min_dynamic_shared_memory 0
recovery_init_sync_method fsync
remove_temp_files_after_crash on
track_wal_io_timing off
vacuum_failsafe_age 1600000000
vacuum_multixact_failsafe_age 1600000000

Config parameters with changed default value:

Config parameter: Default value in Pg 13.5: Default value in Pg 14.1:
checkpoint_completion_target 0.5 0.9
password_encryption md5 scram-sha-256
vacuum_cost_page_miss 10 2

List of changes: