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Upgrading from 9.4.8 to 9.6.8 gives you 1.8 years worth of fixes (783 of them)

Security fixes:

Configuration changes:

Removed config parameters:

Config parameter: Default value:
checkpoint_segments 3
ssl_renegotiation_limit 0

Added config parameters:

Config parameter: Default value:
backend_flush_after 0
bgwriter_flush_after 64
checkpoint_flush_after 32
force_parallel_mode off
gin_pending_list_limit 4096
idle_in_transaction_session_timeout 0
log_replication_commands off
max_parallel_workers_per_gather 0
max_wal_size 64
min_parallel_relation_size 1024
min_wal_size 5
old_snapshot_threshold -1
operator_precedence_warning off
parallel_setup_cost 1000
parallel_tuple_cost 0.1
replacement_sort_tuples 150000
row_security on
syslog_sequence_numbers on
syslog_split_messages on
track_commit_timestamp off
wal_compression off
wal_retrieve_retry_interval 5000
wal_writer_flush_after 128

Config parameters with changed default value:

Config parameter: Default value in Pg 9.4.8: Default value in Pg 9.6.8:
search_path "$user",public "$user", public

List of changes: